Easy Baby Gifts – Part 2

(Check out part 1 here.)  So I pulled out my sewing machine for my sister’s shower to make baby Breckin lots of handmade gifts.  Of course, I gave her purchased items as well but I love making items and it seemed like the perfect occasion!  Blankets are one of the easiest things to sew.  I am not a fan of sewing with minky but it is so nice for baby blankets.

Lovey - 2

This is a Lovey size, so about 12″ x 12″.

Lovey - 1

Breckin Blanket

For this one, I made a stroller blanket size and added his name on it.  It is about 36″ x 48″.

Breckin Blanket - 4

Breckin Blanket - 2

Breckin Blanket - 5

Easy Baby Gifts – Part 2

Jesus Today Devotions for Kids [Book Review]

Jesus Today Devotions for Kids is the new book by Sarah Young.  She is the other of Jesus Calling that has versions for both kids and adults and also the adult version of Jesus Today.  I am so glad she is releasing (February 2, 2016) a version of Jesus Today for children.  Jesus Calling is a 365 Day Devotional while Jesus Today is 150 devotions written as if Jesus is speaking right to the child.  It is written in language that children can understand with scriptures for each devotion.  There is even a Scripture Index in the back to look up a devotion that has a specific scripture in it.  The book is beautifully colored and bound in hardback.  It would be a wonderful way to connect with children over the dinner table or at bedtime in ways they can understand.  Sarah Young has a talent with her writing that enables everyone to relate to what she writes and truly feel as if Jesus is the one speaking to us, and that is special.  I love that she releases her adult books for children to give them special devotionals as well.  The best part is this book is meant for children but even adults can get a lot of out it.

“No matter how alone you may feel sometimes, you belong to Me! I bought you with My blood.  I have already paid for your sins.” – page 214.


I received this book free for my honest opinion from BookLook Bloggers.

Jesus Today Devotions for Kids [Book Review]

Easy Baby Gifts – Part 1

Easy Baby Gifts

This past Sunday was my sister’s baby shower.  I knew (in addition to spending too much on presents I purchased 🙂 I wanted to make some special things for my new nephew.  I made quite a few things but am going to do a few posts on them.

burb clothes 2

Burb Cloths are one of the easiest things you can make.  All you have to do is purchase the Prefold Cloth Diapers.  Cut the fabric sized a little larger to fit and then sew it under.  This is perfect to use scraps for and you can end up with some adorable burb cloths.  Moms are going to go through them like crazy, so you can never have enough!

Baby Bibs - 2

The bandana bibs were a little more fun.  My sister had seen them on Zulily and asked if I could make them.  Apparently she wants my nephew to be a little hipster (her words :).  For her shower I thought I would make a few of them to go with her nursery and shower theme (nautical).

Baby Bibs - 3

I used left over terry cloth and minky material for the backs of the bibs.  When making a bib you always want to use something that is absorbent.  There are many tutorials for the bandana bib but I ended up using this one from See Kate Sew.  I don’t think you actually need to use a tutorial for the pattern as it is very simple but I wanted to make sure I had a good pattern to go from.

Easy Baby Gifts – Part 1

Thankful Thursdays

Happy Thursday!  This is attempt #2 on this post, so it won’t be as good as the first one.  Darn! 🙂 Today I am linking up at Knit by God’s Hands for Thankful Thursdays.  Life has been tough recently and we have gone through a lot in the past few months.  But we are remaining strong and trusting in the Lord.  And that is all we can do!  I feel like I need to take more time to focus on my thankfulness.

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1- A supportive husband.  Josiah has been super supportive with everything that has been going on and I couldn’t ask for anything more.


2- 7.5 years with Pancake. I am devastated that I had to put my sweet girl down but so thankful that I had 7.5 years with her.  When I rescued her she was aged to be between 5-9 but because she was so mistreated they had no idea.  The vet told me that he couldn’t see her living long but that be thankful in her final time I would be giving her love.  I don’t think he would have known that she would be with me, fighting until the end, another 7.5 years.  She was my little shadow and a big piece of me is missing because of her.

3- Nice weather.  While the rest of the country is going through a winter storm watch here in South Texas I am enjoying 63 degrees.  I can’t complain!

4- Weekly Bible Study.  Working from home makes it hard sometimes as I am by myself all day every day.  So having my Tuesday Bible study has been wonderful to get in God’s word with some amazing ladies.


Thankful Thursdays

Yay for Fridays

Happy Friday.  It has definitely been a hard week, actually hard few months if I am completely honest.  I am ready for some rainbows after all this rain!



My sweet, sweet Pancake had to be put down on Tuesday.  I have absolutely no idea how old she was, but I had her 7.5 years.  She was a very special dog and she will be greatly missed.


Tennessee.  I love Tennessee, I do not love the cold of Tennessee.  My mom had foot surgery and my sister is having her baby shower so I flew home for a few days to take care of Mom and go to the shower.  I am pretty excited about the shower as I made quite a few fun baby gifts and I cannot wait for my sister to open them!


Whenever I come back to Tennessee I tend to go find all of our old photos and go through them.  It is too much fun and I really enjoy looking at them.  I still have absolutely no idea how my parents did it!


This is my Mom’s first mother’s day.  She has 2/3 crying and the dog just looks happy and mom is smiling.  🙂


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Yay for Fridays

Sweet Pancake



My sweet, sweet Pancake had to be put down yesterday.  It is never easy losing a pet and Pancake is absolutely no exception.  She was my little shadow and constant companion for 7.5 years.  I adopted her from a rescue (she was a puppy mill dog) back in July of 2008.  When I got her it was an estimate to how old she was, 5-9.  This past year she went downhill pretty fast.  She was still staying strong for me though!  The past few days she wasn’t eating, not even treats.  And I knew it was time.  I knew I would be selfish as she was clearly in pain and did not feel well.  I was leaving to go to Tennessee and could not see putting her in the kennel, away from me, where she more than likely would not make it the entire time.  She was a big, big piece of my heart and no dog can ever take that away from her.  To go from such unloved conditions to the strides she made was huge.  She was really my shadow and was everywhere I was.  She will be missed.  It is amazing when a pet walks into your life, as cliche as it sounds, they leave footprints on your heart.  And you will get other pets but they will never be able to be replaced.  Pancake was truly family and it is going to be very hard to not have her around.




RIP sweet girl. We love you!


Sweet Pancake

Harder than it seems (Romans 12:12)


Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer…” Romans 12:12

This seems so easy, or at least that it should be easy.  But we know that is anything but the case.

Rejoice in Hope. Rejoice means to be glad and hope means what is wanted.  So we are glad in what we are hoping for.  Okay, makes sense. Easy enough.

Be Patient in Tribulation.  Okay, this may be a little harder.  Patient is to wait.  Tribulation is serious trial or trouble.  Ouch. This may be a little harder.  So I need to be patient, which is hard when I am waiting for something exciting like my birthday or Disney World, but patient when it is a trial I am going through?  A little harder!

Be Constant in Prayer.  I like to think this is easier than it really is.  I find that I have to be pretty  mindful to make sure I don’t let the day get away from me and that consistently throughout the day I am praying and thanking God and talking to Him.  It can be easy to all of a sudden find that it is 6 pm and the first prayer is grace at dinner.  I know that is not what God has in mind for me.

I am going to continue and work on expanding my definition of Romans 12 as I feel like it is one of those verses (they all are!) that I need to continuously revisit.  If you just skim the words, it may look easy but when you spend time and really unpack it?  It can hit you like a slap in the face.  Maybe that is a little drastic but I think you know what I mean.  To really live the Bible means to really live it and do what it says, not just read what it says.

Harder than it seems (Romans 12:12)