Birthday Weekend Recap

on airplane

Last weekend we flew to Phoenix for a weekend trip for my birthday!  It was wonderful because we were able to see Brianne and her boyfriend Rob and hang out with them Friday night and Saturday.  Then Saturday night and Sunday we were able to see Josiah’s family who live in Phoenix.


One of the best things of the weekend? Rental Car upgrade!! It was perfect convertible weather and Josiah loved driving in sport mode.  I may have played the birthday card, but it absolutely worked.  I have never done that before but I can’t say I won’t try in the future 😉  Only if it is my birthday of course!

convertible 2

Pardon the crazy hair in the face convertible selfie.  I think this is what selfie sticks are for!  We drove around and went to a wonderful Mexican Restaurant called Barrio Queen in Scottsdale.  After that we went to the zoo.  It was my birthday and I wanted to go to the zoo, I do try to go when I can in places we visit.  It was a perfect afternoon as the weather was perfect and it was not crowded.

zoo - 2

I love the giraffes.  They are absolutely incredible.

zoo - 3

I don’t remember what this animal was called but it was really cute.  There was a zookeeper who was feeding some of the other ones.

zoo - 4

The mom was pushing the baby as he swung back and forth.  He wanted to play and she wanted to rest with a blanket over her head.  It was really adorable.  I think we watched them for about 10 minutes.

birthday dinner

It was awesome to get to go out with Rob and Brianne for my birthday dinner.  We went to Hulas Modern Tiki in Phoenix.  We were able to sit outside and it was so nice sitting outside in February!

starbucks 2

The next morning we went hiking.  We stopped in Starbucks first and found some random signs for people to take photos with.  We found two that fit our visit perfectly!

hike - 2

For the hike we went to a place called Thunderbird Mountain and it was beautiful.  We have cactus in Texas but I forget how big they actually grow to until I am in Arizona.

hike - 1

When you get to the top there is a nice flag and rocks were you can take your photos as everyone was doing that.  Of course we had to join in and get the photo.

hike - 3

After our hike we went to Scottsdale and I was able to use my 50% off Kendra Scott birthday rewards.  If you had no idea, when it is your birthday month you can walk into any Kendra Scott and get 50% off any item!  You do have to show them your license to prove it, but how awesome is that?!?  Unfortunately for the rest of the trip I have absolutely no photos, which is horrible of me.  Saturday night we went and had a taco dinner at Josiah’s Aunts house with his Grandmother and cousins.  It was wonderful getting to spend time with them as I really haven’t spent any time with them as they live so far away.  We stayed at his Grandmother’s house and then went to church with all of them in the morning.  After that we had a wonderful Valentine’s Day lunch and ate outside at his Aunt and Uncle’s House.  Again, love being able to eat outside in the middle of February!  Sadly, we then had to head to the airport, turn in our fabulous rental car and take the flight home.  The worst part about the flight was before we even left the pilot told us that there would be some turbulence over New Mexico… wonderful!  Not 🙂  We made it home and now are looking forward to our next trip!

Birthday Weekend Recap

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