Valentine’s Day Pillows

Valentine's Pillows 1

Hobby Lobby has these inexpensive pillow covers you can buy.  When they are not on sale they are $5.00, but sometimes you can get them at half off for $2.50.  You can’t even make them for that!  They all have a zipper in the back.  I purchase them every so often to make new pillows for the holidays.  You may remember my Christmas pillows and my Fall pillows.  I have been meaning to make Valentine’s Day ones for a few years (oops!) but I finally was able to!

Valentine's Pillows 2

For this one I just cut out 5 hearts and staggered them randomly.  I sewed around them with embroidery thread.

Valentine's Pillows 3

I wrote love on this one with pencil and then embroidered over it with embroidery thread.  I am so glad I was finally able to knock these out!

Valentine’s Day Pillows

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