Ideas for the Boys

So I decided this year all of my Christmas gifts are going to be handmade. Do not ask me how that is coming along as I have a lot (big understatement!) to do! I have my list, I have multiple projects for most people… except the boys. My dad, my brother, the boys I babysit… why are boys so hard?? I have too many ideas for the girls that I actually have options to choose from! But the boys? Nope, nothing. The little boys are still easier than the older boys as there are some things I can make for them. But why is it so much harder to make things for the guys than for the girls?

So what was I to do? I thought of ideas and then went looking for pictures/tutorials on them. I’m still seriously lacking on older guy ideas. Please help! I mean there is always food, no sew blankets, other blankets and these…

Also a cute chalkboard placemat would work and keep them entertained. And what about a superhero cape??

What about you? Any ideas?

Ideas for the Boys

4 thoughts on “Ideas for the Boys

  1. Jansie says:

    Hi Kristen, I found this really easy tutorial from Laura at We Wilsons. It’s for a firewood tote. I’m making one for my Grandpa for Christmas. Do any of your adult guys need to haul wood inside??
    The actual tutorial was posted on

    Good luck finding more ideas and if you do, please share! The guys are definitely the hardest. 😉


  2. We just made a really cute superhero cape for either boys or girls that is reversible and cost about $5 per cape. Check it out at my craft blog… Good luck! I also thought of ties you could sew or their own towel with their name on embroidered on it. Little wooden cars are cool and also those art/crayon roll-up bags that they can take different places are pretty neat as well.


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