Downunder in March…

I think I need to get better at posting!  I have been absolutely horrible but if I posted everyday it would be so boring and I have nothing to say, haha.  Last Friday was my last day with my year 2/3s and they made an adorable card and gave me a fridge mate of Coke.  They are just too cute!

Then, this past weekend I went to the Perth Zoo and loved it.  The kangaroos are hilarious and just hang around sleeping and they all sleep the exact same way! 

On Monday it was my first day with my year 6/7s and that was definitely a different experience than with the year 2/3s.  I have only had one day of them though because I went to Sculptures by the Sea with the year 2/3s today.  It was crazy but the kids had a ball!

Also forgot to say that on Saturday I saw my first rain (for about 15 minutes!) since I have been here.  Of course that was a picture opportunity.

I also missed out on saying I had my 200th post two before this one πŸ™‚  So yay for that!  I am sorry I have not been commenting on blogs, life has just been crazy.  I am going to Cairns for break and cannot wait for that but I worry about the money.  Everything is so expensive here but relative to their salaries I guess.  Their minimum wage is up around $14-15 which is much more than ours obviously.  So for things to be more expensive probably doesn’t bother Australians as much as it bothers me πŸ™‚

I also need just general prayers about everything and helping me to not worry, always think people are mad at me and basically just trying to please people all the time.  I have honestly had enough of it and I need to be able to move on from doing that!! 

Anyway, sorry this is so short and mostly pictures but Australia is beautiful as always!  Just busy πŸ™‚

Downunder in March…

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  1. mommywonderland says:

    So many apologies! Just nice to see a post again! Love that gift..fridge full of coke! So cute!! Have a nice break!


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