I love Australia!!

I am still alive!  It has been super busy here and by the time I get home, do lesson planning and eat dinner it is time for bed!  I don’t do anything really during the week because all of the shops close by 5 except on Thursday night when they are open until 9!  They even close at 5 during the weekend.  It is a much slower pace here but I love it!!  So I have a lot of updates….

The 12th was my birthday and it was weird being able to celebrate one day earlier than my brother and sister (I am a triplet).  I woke up and Len and Heather (host parents) had gotten me this goody bag of everything Aussie.  I loved it!  I now have pink Australia shoe laces on my shoes!  They got me every style of tim tams (best things in the world!) as well.  I then went to school and the kids had made a huge birthday card with each of their pictures on it and the teachers had gotten me a few presents.  That night I went to an Aussie rules football game with Christina, Anna and Lil.  Lil lives down the road and is from Australia and Christina and Anna are other girls on my program.  Aussie Rules is my new favorite sport!  They can punch and grab each other and they wear no pads! 

We then went to dinner and met the other girls on my program Susan, Stephanie and Ping and some of Lil’s friends and her brother.  After dinner we went to this place called Beck’s Music Box.  It is in the middle of the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth and is basically an outdoor music venue/club.  It is only here for the month of February because of the Perth International Arts Festival but it is very cool!!  Then on Saturday Christina, Lil and I went to the beach.  The beaches here are absolutely amazing!  Then at night we met up with everyone and went to see Valentine’s Day (loved it!) and out to a place called 1907 to meet up with her brothers and their friends.  On Sunday I went to church and then we went to a Rugby game and I got some of the players autographs!  So that was pretty fun too!!

The week at school was exhausting and some communication problems with the teacher but we got that all worked out.  I know it would be hard teaching in any classroom of another teacher but then throw in the language barrier (different words for different things), teaching styles etc. and it makes for a nice mess!!  On Thursday night we went out shopping and then on Friday we all went out to Beck’s again.  We all slept over at Lil’s and watched Role Models and then on Saturday we went to Fremantle to a Mexican place.  We were all wanting Mexican and it was all we could find.  It was good but definitely not like the Mexican in the states.  Then last night we all wanted to go to bed pretty early as we were all exhausted 🙂 

So now I am working on lesson planning.  It is hard because I am not as familiar with their standards and objectives as I am in the states and they are written very broad.  So it is a little more difficult 🙂 

My classroom (it is HUGE! It is really two classrooms)
Aussie Rules @ Subico Oval

Not a cute picture, but me with my chips.  They love them here!
Anna, Me and Christina at the game
Me at the beach.  I had to prove I was really there!
Me at Rugby with my “Fairy Floss” 🙂
The sunset from the upstairs balcony

I love Australia!!

12 thoughts on “I love Australia!!

  1. Brittney Galloway says:

    I'm so glad you are having a great time! It can be stressful moving overseas but it sounds like you are adjusting well!


  2. Ms. Random says:

    I am so excited to see you are enjoying yourself! It is SUCH a lovely place to be!And I am SUPER jealous of the size of your classroom! WOW!!


  3. Mesha says:

    wow…VERY busy but sounds like fun! How many students do you have in your class? That would be difficult teaching another teacher's class. Keep posting pics and updates.


  4. Design it Chic says:

    long time no commenting here:( but now i am catching up! WOW you're in Australia?! I so love the stories you report from back there that i will hang here for a while:)Happy belated b-day and here's my post today!


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