An update… (a little long! Sorry!)

Yes that is me with a kangaroo behind me.. in the wild!  How cool is that and it is only 5 minutes (or something around that!) from my house!  Pretty cool.

I am so sorry for not updating but I have been super busy and with the pictures taking SO long to load it is frustrating.  The internet here is definitely not as fast as it is at home 🙂  But it has been quite a full week!  Last weekend I went to the (free) opening of the Perth International Arts Festival.  It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  It was at the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth and lots of people came out!  It was a Welcome to Country event where the Noongar Aboriginal tribe opened up with singing and welcoming.  They burn a tree and only when it burns can it regrow next year.  The whole tree actually went up in flames.

When they were done the interactive show began!  It was pretty weird but very cool!  It began with some guy running in and eventually being hoisted into this wing contraption and flying in the air (from a crane).  He looked like an odd butterfly and he flew around with the weirdest music.

After that he landed and they hoisted him up into this bug like metal thing.  This is where the fun began!  They rolled it around the audience almost running people over!  People had to run very fast to get out of the way.  They must have had incredible control of that thing because I honestly thought we were going to get run over a few times!

While they were doing this they were hooking up a big metal wheel to the crane.  There were people inside it and they were secured against the sides while that flew around in the air.  It was then brought down and actually attached to the bug looking metal thing.  At this time they then went around running into the crowd again and the people who were in the wheel unfastened themselves and actually “flew” (they were still harnessed) from one side of the wheel to the other as it went round and round in the crowd.  I really would have loved to do that!  

After this amazing spectacle they did what we thought was the end of the show.  A lady came on stage and started singing.  There was a weird hourglass thing above her with a lady dancing in purple (sometimes I wonder if people use art as an excuse to say anything goes but oh well!) and then people came around in these white suits attached to each other.  They then walked off and ended up being attached to the crane.  It was truly the most amazing thing ever!  They danced while they were up there and then when the fireworks went off behind them it was an amazing spectacle!  I loved it!

And all of this was only on Friday night!  On Saturday we all woke up late and had planned to go to the aquarium (the other girls on my program.  There are 6 of us in all).  Christina, Anna and I went to the Harbour near my house to get something to eat as the other girls (Ping, Susan and Stephanie) had already eaten.  (All of us are around different suburbs of Perth but close enough to be able to ride buses and trains to meet).  We then met up with the other girls and by now it was around 2:30-3:00 and it was decided to not go to the aquarium because it would cost $20 and we should do it when we have more of the day.  We all just walked around the Harbour, went in the shops etc.  On Saturdays there is a small outdoor market at the Harbour and I bought the cutest earrings for $3!  We then went back to my house and all decided that even though it was 6:00 we were all too exhausted and wanted to just do nothing.  That first week of teaching was exhausting for all of us!!  🙂
On Sunday we were going to go to the beach but the weather said it wasn’t going to be too warm.  Stephanie, Ping and Susan still went to the beach, Anna went shopping with her host mum and Christina and I decided to go to Subiaco which is a hip, young suburb that has some adorable shops, markets and restaurants. I bought a fun necklace from a little shop with people from Bali.  Everyone in Perth goes to Bali on vacation because it is only a 3 hour flight.  Perth is so isolated that it takes a while to get most places.
My days are still messed up, I keep thinking it is Monday but I am now used to the time zone change.  It took a long time for my body to get adjusted to Perth time!  School is still exhausting but I feel as if I am getting a better handle on what I am doing.  Just being in the classroom has taught me so much and I can learn what I like, what I don’t like etc.  I also can learn classroom management techniques from watching both of the teachers- both who have been teaching over 20 years.  
Anyway, hope you are having a fabulous week!

An update… (a little long! Sorry!)

14 thoughts on “An update… (a little long! Sorry!)

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    Good to hear from you!!!! Looks like an amazing time!Those pictures of those people with the fireworks is crazy!!!You're going to get adjusted to the time just at the time you've gotta come back! 🙂


  2. Children of the 90s says:

    Wow this all looks amazing! I've always wanted to go to Australia. I love the picture with the fireworks! How cool is that?


  3. Kristin says:

    Wow! So amazing! How is your host family? Do you like where you're staying? Thanks for the updates…..I like hearing about how things are over there!


  4. Callie Nicole says:

    Cool pictures! Sounds like you've been busy! That's so cool how you can go to Australia for the teaching – it sounds like a great opportunity!


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