ahh pictures finally!!

Okay it takes FOREVER to get the pictures uploaded but I have a few to show.  I am exhausted right now (still very jet lagged) or else I would spend time waiting for more to upload 🙂

It all made it!
The Sydney Tower, it is the highest building in Sydney.
This is the Sydney Tower and then me jumping on the sky walk.  They make you wear those lovely jump suits but you walk on the outside of the building!
Koala sleeping (so cute!) at the Sydney Wildlife Centre.
A kangaroo sleeping at the wildlife center
Darling Harbour on Australia day
My fish and chips at the harbour on Australia day
They had a boat parade.  I got there early so I could have an excellent, front row seat for the Australia day show.  It was amazing!
This is where the show took place, floating in the water.

Me with my already sunburned face at the Australia day celebration!

It is absolutely beautiful here!  I am in Perth now and will add those pictures later on and write about Perth as well.  Hope everyone is having a terrific day!

ahh pictures finally!!

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