A Photo Filled Weekend {but cute pictures :)}

This weekend I spent most of my time in front of or behind a camera 🙂 I recently began taking pictures of adoptable dogs for a local animal shelter. I want to help out the animal shelters somehow & since we already have three dogs {Chloe’s back!} & a cat, fostering is not an option. So often the dogs on petfinder have horrible pictures and I truly think that the picture can get the dog adopted. The first dog I took pictures of was a cutie named Ringo Star {no joke!}. Ringo’s foster mommy had another dog named Willie & he was hilarious. I took some pictures of him as well.

On Saturday there was a dog adoption and they needed some pictures taken of two dogs. One was named Hank Jr. & he was such a ham! I would have taken him home right then & there! He was a big cuddle bug. The other dog I named Genevieve as someone brought her in after they had taken her to the vet and found her on the road. She was very sweet but acted as if she had been abused 😦 We have such a surplus of dogs in the south. I found out that in New England there are not a lot of dogs because people are so good at spaying so a lot of the dogs are brought up there, which makes me happy. 🙂
After taking pictures of the dogs I went straight to a Nashville photo studio because one of my friends was having a photo shoot for her new business. I’ll give you at hint that her business has something to do with sweets 🙂 But the cutest part was she had a bunch of her friends & she also requested Pancake to be in the photo shoot. She had my mom in the shoot as well & next shoot in September she is going to use some of the kids. I think Pancake basically stole the show & had the most pictures taken of her {surprising? not at all!}.

Straight from there I went babysitting & when an 8 year old finds my camera it becomes her newest passion in .3 seconds. I must say her creativity is hilarious as she informed her 3 yr old sister to “make kissy faces” & “act shy”. I have no idea how she never ran out of ideas. I cannot even begin to tell you how many pictures she took of me. Her favorite command was having me give her “peace.” She spent the entire night taking pictures of everyone & everything {about 400! } and we ended the night with a model shoot of her.
The kids make me laugh. I honestly cannot imagine stopping babysitting even when I am out of school. They just provide me with so much joy {& material :P}. They are actually going to be in the photo shoots next month.

Today Chloe {who is MUCH more well behaved after her 3.5 weeks @ puppy boot camp. Normal stay? 10 days. She was a much more advanced case :)} found a bunny nest. We saw her going towards something & my sister just ran over & grabbed whatever she had. At one point she had Chloe in one hand & the bunny in the other. We found the nest & put both baby bunnies back. I hope the mommy goes back to them & my sister & I now refuse to let Chloe outside without having a chaperone.

p.s. I am going to New Orleans next Saturday and staying there Saturday night. I have never been there, let alone Louisiana, so does anyone have any ideas for hotels to stay at or places to go? I have a wedding in Baton Rouge & we are taking a sidetrip to New Orleans!

A Photo Filled Weekend {but cute pictures :)}