Rocky Mountains

{I wish I could be more creative in my titles, does anyone else feel that way?}.

I am having a fabulous time in Denver! One of my friends, Laura, who I went to school with lives out here & when I come to visit I call her up & she does the tourist things with me that my parents don’t do 🙂 I do love the shopping places my mom takes me to but considering I am lacking an income, I’d rather not go & see what I cannot have! Better to just avoid it in my opinion!

Yesterday Laura took me to Mt. Evans. Has anyone ever been? Even though she lives here she never had but it is the highest paved road in North America & also has the highest observatory in the world {for some reason those things mean something to me, haha}. It was amazingly beautiful up there. You drive up the road and once you pass the tree line {where trees don’t grow any higher} you run into mountain goats & sheep and then you park where the observatory is. You then climb 140ft to get to the top of Mt. Evans. The views were absolutely breathtaking! It is a sight where you just know without a doubt that God exists because the view is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Words cannot describe what it was like up there.

{Sorry this is a little picture heavy!}

Rocky Mountains